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Easily unlock the Power of Generative AI

Text creation, image transformation and clear-cut audio transcription—all on one platform. Experience next-gen AI tools backed by stringent European data standards.

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ChatGPT vs aibas

Variable Ai Modals
Multiple Chats
Perfect response
Trained Chat
Prompt Library
Multipurpose AI Suite
Background Change
Background Removal
Image Upscaling
Audio Transcription
Team Collaboration Tools
Privacy Protection

Find out more about crafting Personalized Text with generative ai.

Experience a new level of interaction with our Chat tools equipped with a rich Prompt Library. Leverage our AI-powered templated tools, designed to facilitate easy creation of structured and engaging texts.

Generative Images with ease


Transform your texts into stunning visual art with AI.


Transform your visuals by altering image backgrounds.


Clean-up images by removing unwanted backgrounds. The system recognizes everything automatically.


Enhance image resolutions without compromising details.

See how easy you Transcribe and Synthesize.

Streamline your audio activities with our powerful AI tools - offering seamless audio transcription and synthesis.

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ChatGPT4 -
ChatGPT4 1106 - -
ChatGPT4 Vision - - -
Tools Ai Modal ChatGPT4 1106 ChatGPT4 1106 ChatGPT4 ChatGPT3.5
Ai Tools / month Unlimited 200 100 3
Image Ai Modal Dall-E 3 Dall-E 3 Dall-E 2 ClipDrop
Create Images / month Unlimited 30 7 3
Upscaled Images / month Unlimited 15 7 3
Remove backgrounds / month Unlimited 15 7 3
Change backgrounds / month Unlimited 15 7 3
Chats / month Unlimited 15 7 3
Syntheses / month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3
Teams -
baslytics - -
API Access - - -
29.73€/mo 9.99€/mo 4.99€/mo Free Custom
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As soon as you registered, you will have access to the affilliate program. Just follow your account symbols -> Referrels. You can also follow this link: https://ai.bastilities.com/account-plan or find out more about it via https://ai.bastilities.com/affiliate

Yes, absolutely. Checkout our plans and test all of them for 7 days.

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